lornaLorna Neadow Day is the proprietor and master formulator of Sea Diva Organics. Her love of nature and natural kinship to the earth’s treasures come from her Native American Heritage and make her the perfect MARKETER FOR MOTHER NATURE!

Lorna was diagnosed with severe Thyroid Deficiencies and after visiting many medical doctor’s with no result decided to go back to what has worked for thousands of years, nature. The Earth and Sea are abundant in minerals that the human body and spirit need to function properly.

Alas! Sea Diva Organics was birthed! These amazing natural and organic products are full of nature’s gifts and treasures. Using Ancient formulas and wisdom passed down from generation to generation. All of our products have a DUAL HEALING PROPERTIES, meaning that they soften and soothe as bath and body products should but they also FLOOD YOUR BODY WITH MINERALS that it craves to repair, replenish and regenerate! The line has grown from Bath and Body Products to also include Phthalate Free Candles, Jewelry, Pashmatels, Consulting and Personal Growth through Mineralization.

“If I could run head first into crashing waves, swim to the bottom, trade my legs in for a tail and lose my bra…. Is there even a question here?” “ I truly Believe I am a grounded Mermaid” – Lorna Day
Lorna Neadow Day also owns Ooo La La , a catering company and teaches cooking classes nationally. You can take a virtual cooking class or learn more about nutrition here… ooolalacaters.com

Sea Diva Organics is not just pretty, packaged Bath Products!


Personal Health Evaluations

This is an all encompassing assessment of which minerals you may be lacking and how to fix it! We believe like Linus Pauling, that every sickness, every disease and every ailment begins with a mineral deficiency… it is not you, it is your minerals

Treatment Consultant

We offer consulting for individuals, massage therapists and mostly spas as to how to increase business, how to set yourself apart, how to develop long term clients while increasing your bottom line.